News Headlines
News Headlines
Revised Agenda 765th of SEAC-2 Meeting Dated- 15/06/2023
Revised Agenda 764th of SEAC-2 Meeting Dated- 14/06/2023
Revised Agenda 763rd of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 13/06/2023
Agenda 762nd of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 12/06/2023
Rescheduled Revised Agenda 761th of SEAC-2 Meeting Dated- 07/06/2023
Rescheduled Agenda 760th of SEAC-2 Meeting Dated- 06/06/2023
Revised Agenda 759th of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 02/06/2023
Agenda 758th of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 01/06/2023
Agenda 757th of SEAC-2 Meeting Dated- 30/05/2023
Agenda 756th of SEAC-2 Meeting Dated- 29/05/2023
Agenda 755th of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 24/05/2023
Agenda 754th of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 23/05/2023
Agenda 753rd of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 19/05/2023
Agenda 752nd of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 18/05/2023
Agenda 750th of SEAC-2 Meeting Dated- 16/05/2023
Agenda 751st of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 17/05/2023
Agenda 749th of SEAC-2 Meeting Dated- 15/05/2023
Rescheduled/Revised Agenda 748th of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 12/05/2023
Rescheduled/Revised Agenda 747th of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 11/05/2023
Agenda 746th of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 09/05/2023
EC letter on.- 185/Parya/DEAC/2018,dATED 02-01-2018
Proforma for resume of JRF
Integrated Recycling &Treatment Facility(In Lucknow /Kanpur /Gorakhpur /Moradabad Varanasi
EC Transfer DEIAA
Please submit the attached affidavit along with the application for TOR/EC on parivesh portal
EC Transfer DEIAA
Minutes of joint SEIAA/SEAC-1 and SEAC2 meeting dated 28/12/2022
Agenda 726th of SEAC-1 Meeting Dated- 07/02/2023
Agenda 722nd of SEAC-2 Meeting Dated- 23/01/2023
Agenda 722nd of SEAC-2 Meeting Dated- 23/01/2023
CV of Dr. Rajiv Kumar Garg, Chairman, SEIAA
EC Transfer DEIAA
Minutes of joint SEIAA/SEAC meeting dated 06/01/2021
Important Notice for Brick Earth/Soil Mining
Joint meeting minutes of dated on 09/01/2020
Joint meeting minutes of SEIAA/SEAC
ToR & EC in Abeyance dated 30/11/2019
Joint meeting minutes dated 23/10/2019
Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) Table
Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) Notification
New 500mt Cluster Certificate
Office Order Regarding Regional EIA
Joint meeting minutes regarding Cold Storage, Agra
Revised format for 500 m cluster certificate
Orders in OA 21/2014 Vardhman Kaushik - Part-3
NGT Orders in OA 21/2014 Vardhman Kaushik - Part-2
NGT Orders in OA 21/2014 Vardhman Kaushik-Part-1
Public Notice
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